Israel Apartment Buyers Guide

Buying an apartment in Israel is a dream of many people, but actually getting it done is a whole different story. While buying an apartment anywhere, is a whole process, buying far from where you live, in a country with its own set of rules and processes, totally different than what you already may know, proves to be quite unerving. If not done right you can end up losing lots of money if not worse.

Bo Home Israel can help you with this whole process, but just to get you started we've put together a brief buying guide to acquaint you with the way things work in Israel.



costs and fees

Cost of Buying an Israel Apartment Beyond the Purchase Price

The price of the apartment you will buy does not start and end with the sale price of the apartment. As in all apartment sales there is a whole process that you will need to ...
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Israel Homebuyers Taxes

Israel Citizen Single Home First 1,744,505                        = 0 1,744,505 – 2,069,205           = 3.5% 2,069,205 – 5,388,290          ...
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Israeli Mortgages Guide

What to Know about Israeli Mortgages Mortgages in Israel are different than in the US. It is important to understand these issues because certain wrong assumptions can be very costly. So let’s do some Q&A ...
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Israel Apartment Features

Apartment Features Many foreigners are used to identifying homes by a specific feature set relevant to their lifestyle. In Israel things are a bit different. Below is a list of features that may be worth ...
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Apartment Types

Things to know about apartments in Israel Israel has come a long way. All of us that were here many years ago remember that “Israeli apartment” feel, especially the brown speckled floors! Those days are ...
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  1. Apartment Types
  2. What to Look For
  3. Apartment Features
  4. Costs Beyond the Purchase Price
  5. Closing Process
  6. Taxes
  7. Mortgages
  8. Purchasing New Apartment from Contractor