lakes israel real estate

From Beachfront to Lake View in Israel

Israel is a small country, but has 273 kilometers of coastline. That’s great for real estate where beachfront properties command high premiums over other similar properties situated nearby. Beachfront property ...
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tel aviv skyscrapers

Israel’s Advancing Army of Skyscrapers Gets a New Leader

In Israel as with any real estate market space is a commodity that is limited. While there is plenty of land in the world, the places where everyone wants to ...
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Romantic Reading: Another Israel Iconic Property Slated to be Converted Residential Area

The Reading electric station is one of the iconic buildings in Israel. Many a young man has proposed at sunset against the backdrop of a colorful sky reflecting off the ...
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jerusalem office space

Is Jerusalem Only a Holy City or Can You Find Employment There As Well?

It was once understood that as a professional making Aliyah you would probably need to travel to Tel Aviv to make a living, but all that is changing today. All ...
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mortgage israel

Bank of Israel Shaking Up Mortgage Market

As Israel is not as service oriented or as developed in some ways as the US market, up until 10-15 years ago there were few Israel mortgage brokers out there ...
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design city piazza

Design City: An Attraction That will Rock Israel

In a country like Israel, the tourism industry moves forward by baby steps. A new hotel, a new attraction, mall, restaurant etc. It is not very often that something really ...
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FBI background check and apostille

Making Aliyah, FBI Fingerprints?

As of last year May 2020, if you want to make Aliyah you will need to be fingerprinted for an FBI background check.The Israeli interior ministry does not want Israel ...
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tesla in israel

You Can Have Your Israel, and Your Tesla Too!

Good news for you Tesla fans who want to make Aliyah but can’t bear to be too far from a Tesla dealership. The first shipment of Tesla cars arrived in ...
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Google in Israel, Moonshots Over Tel Aviv

Google is opening up the first satellite office of their famous X The Moonshot Factory, and guess where it is going to be. Israel of course! It’s not like we ...
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Used Car Prices Just Went Down in Israel!

Yes you heard right. Used car prices in Israel are going down. How could that be in a country where prices don’t usually go down, especially given that new cars ...
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In a Tough Year, Israel’s Economy From the Most Resilient in the World!

Covid dominated headlines in 2020 and destroyed economies. But even among the ruins some fared better than others. While Europe’s economy contracted by 6.6%, a bit worse than the average ...
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