Meromei HaGivah Givat Zeev

Meromei HaGiva: Last Chance for Exclusive Givat Zev Luxury Project

This luxury project in Givat Zeev just outside of Jerusalem has almost sold out. And why not. Meromei HaGiva’s beautiful buildings are centrally located in Givat Zeev close to the road leading to Yerushalayim a mere 7 minutes away. Its stunning views, brilliant architecture and high specifications made it an easy sell, and sell it did. Moreover such a project inside Jerusalem city limits would cost so much more.

Ask us about a remaining 5 room (4 bedroom) apartment that still can be yours if you move quick!

See more details about 5 room apartment in Meromei HaGiva here.

For more information:

 Whatsapp: +972-54-840-6454
 US Tel. 516-690-6106
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