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lakes israel real estate

From Beachfront to Lake View in Israel

Israel is a small country, but has 273 kilometers of coastline. That’s great for real estate where beachfront properties command ...
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tel aviv skyscrapers

Israel’s Advancing Army of Skyscrapers Gets a New Leader

In Israel as with any real estate market space is a commodity that is limited. While there is plenty of ...
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Romantic Reading: Another Israel Iconic Property Slated to be Converted Residential Area

The Reading electric station is one of the iconic buildings in Israel. Many a young man has proposed at sunset ...
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romema apartments

Romema Apartments Round Up: Week of Aug 8

Here are the latest offers for apartment sales in Romema, Geula & Sorotzkin. If any of these interest you or ...
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Ramot Roundup: 8/2/2021

Here are the latest offer in Ramot for the first week of August. Let us know if you are considering ...
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Update Aleph HaChadasha: Only 2 Bedroom Apartments Left

Aleph HaChadasha, one of the most successful and sought after building projects in Neve Shamir in Ramat Beit Shemesh is ...
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mortgage israel

Bank of Israel Shaking Up Mortgage Market

As Israel is not as service oriented or as developed in some ways as the US market, up until 10-15 ...
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Meromei HaGivah Givat Zeev

Meromei HaGiva: Last Chance for Exclusive Givat Zev Luxury Project

Meromei HaGiva: Last Chance for Exclusive Givat Zev Luxury Project This luxury project in Givat Zeev just outside of Jerusalem ...
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Premihome Ramat Givat Zeev project

PremiHome New Luxury Project in Ramat Givat Zeev

A new exclusive project is almost complete In Ramat Givat Zeev. Ramat Givat Zeev has to date attracted a sizable ...
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israel real estate american buyers

In Red Hot Market, Real Estate Brokers Snubbing Foreigners

Speaking to brokers about various aspects of the Israeli real estate industry you get many different opinions. The one message ...
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Apartments Romema

Finally The Television Building in Romema is Coming Down! 

Romema has been one of Jerusalem’s busiest neighborhoods over the past two decades, transforming itself from an ugly industrial eyesore ...
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israel hosuing shortage

Why Is There a Shortage of Apartments in Israel?

Housing Prices Out of Control As we speak, apartment prices in Israel are spiraling out of control. Even in a ...
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Ramot, The New Ramat Eshkol

With prices shooting through the roof in the center of Jerusalem, American families who had smaller apartments in the center ...
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Updated Pricing for Apartments in Jerusalem & Ramat Beit Shemesh

If you are considering buying an apartment in Israel, the first thing you want to know is how much is ...
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ramot villa jerusalem

Why a Villa in Ramot Could be Perfect for American Families

If there is a perfect time for a perfect home in Israel and you have the money, it could be ...
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